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As a nursing mother, you must have encountered several situations with your kids, two among them is when they are newly born, and you do a lot of carrying and cuddling. The other scenario is when they are growing up, and they start to crawl around the house, bringing along anything in their path and by so doing carry dirt and all sort of stains, especially as boys.

For your convenience, we understand that you’ll need to get them enough items of clothing to last for as long as they are messing around. Did we mention you have to change their diapers now and then – poopies!

A comfy, breathable, and easy to change bottom wear is the solution. When your kids are crawling and rolling about the living room or when you are having a nice time out with friends in the yard, the rate at which dirty clothes from those restless little ones pile up can be alarming hence you also need a washing machine ready 100% cotton bottom for them. You will not only make life your easier by getting these bottoms, but you will also get rid of the unnecessary stress of having to sort wears out during laundry as you can get them washed in no time.

From our range of minimalistic tops and shirts to the casual pants and denim shorts to loose denim jean and summer cotton shorts, the range of options available for selection is just mind-blowing. Talk of a great plethora of quality and decent options to shuffle through. Even more impressive is the fact that they are at really affordable rates. From the stage of you having to carry them about to the stage where they jostle about the house tirelessly, we’ve got your kids covered and secured from start to finish.

Our line of baby boy’s bottoms is produced having your little ones overall skin health in mind by using delicate textures to ensure the safety of their fragile youthful skin. In addition to the fact that they are machine launderable, they are easy on the skin and mild on the hand with a very soft texture. So all your little chap’s article of clothing need for his first closet is duly covered with us.

Arriving in top conditions and the brightest of colors and design, we try our best to make sure that you are getting the best value for money on all the deals you will be making on our store.

Great selection of Bottoms at affordable prices! Free shipping to 185 countries. Forty-five days money-back guarantee. Friendly customer service. Kindly take note that the estimated delivery timeframe shown at checkout is a combination of the processing time of your order, the transit time to our International export facility and the time to process its shipping outside of the United Kingdom.

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